H3ABioNet provides guidelines on the use of clinical data, data management and data standardization

    Data Collection & Curation

    H3ABioNet’s efforts surrounding data collection and curation involve the promotion of standardised data collection processes across H3Africa and the wider African research community, the harmonization of data derived from different H3Africa projects, and the promotion of data curation through mapping to ontologies, where applicable. This is to enable data retrieval and comparison and to make the data FAIR
    Phenotype Data Collection Standards
    In collaboration with the H3Africa Phenotype Harmonisation Working Group, H3ABioNet is establishing common phenotype-specific data collection modules that can be implemented across the African continent (and beyond). These modules incorporate both existing and newly developed phenotype standards, to promote harmonised collection of phenotype data for genomic research. Read more
    Other Standards
    Phenotype Harmonization
    Ontology Mapping
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