H3ABioNet internships facilitate one-on-one interaction with experts in a particular field to ensure skills transfer


    Purpose of the H3ABioNet Internships

    The aim of the H3ABioNet internships is to facilitate one-on-one interaction with experts in a particular field to ensure skills transfer. Candidate interns should preferably have their own data to take with them and work on. They can apply for support to:
    • Improve skills and professional development
    • Perform specific research activities
    • Attend courses at the host institution
    • Gain exposure to human genetics and/or bioinformatics/high performance computing environments
    • Gain experience in grants/project development
    • Develop educational materials
    • Establish/further existing collaborations
    It is envisaged that 2-4 awards will be made each year, and applications will be reviewed ad hoc every 3 months by an internship steering committee. Applications will be scored for initial screening and those applications that meet the initial score cutoff will be more deeply reviewed. References and the host organization will be contacted and interviews will be performed. Candidates that meet or exceed the criterion of being exceptionally suited for an internship will receive notice of award by email from Chair of the Internships/review committee.
    The internal internships are open to H3ABioNet associated staff and students, as well as members of H3Africa research projects. Subjects should be working within H3Africa projects or be funded by H3Africa research project. The external internships are open to H3ABioNet associated staff and students.
    The successful candidate must have:
    • Established a track record, demonstrating motivation to develop skills and a career in bioinformatics.
    • Statement of purpose that provides clear evidence of understanding of the field and proposed outcome of the visit
    • Attended bioinformatics or relevant workshop/meetings
    • A well-structured research/activities plan for the proposed visit
    • A clear plan for the outcomes and impact of internship upon return to home institution
    • The potential for future leadership in bioinformatics or related activities within H3/Africa.
    Additional details required:
    • Demonstrated support from mentor at host institution
    • Demonstrated support from mentor/advisor/management at applicant institution
    • Description of support staff required
    • Details of skills transferred.
    • Details of costs incurred
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