Developing bioinformatics tools for the analysis of different genomics data types

    Bioinformatics Tools

    Below is a list of all the Bioinformatics Tools developed by the H3ABioNet Consortium.

    NUCPOS: Bioinformatics tool suite to analyse nucleosome positions in genomes

    An insight into genome-wide nucleosome positions is required to understand the local regulation of...

    Job Management System (JMS) for High Performance Computing and Cluster Management

    Modern computing has enabled research that was previously considered unfeasible. Parallel...

    Human Mutational Analysis web server

    The Human Mutation Analysis (HUMA) web server has been developed as a freely available platform...

    Admixture Mapping Tools

    The admixture mapping tools include a suite of tools for use on multi-way admixed populations to...

    Genesis: PCA and Admixture plot viewer and publication quality image generator

    Genesis can be used to display screen and publication quality pictures of population PCA and...

    Recombination Detection Program (RDP)

    RDP will, without any prior information on the names and numbers of ancestral populations,...

    Machine Learning Glossary

    To access the ML glossary, please CLICK ON THIS LINK: This website aims to provide information...

    External Tools

    Online tools

    • Galaxy: web-based workflow platform
    • MD-TASK: tool suite for analysing molecular dynamics trajectories using network analysis and PRS
    • MODE-TASK: collection of tools for analysing normal modes and performing principal component analysis
    • PRIMO: an interactive homology modeling pipeline.

    Data sources

    • 1000 Genomes project
    • GWAS Central: formerly HGBASE, HGVbase and HGVbaseG2P
    • dbGaP: NIH database of Genotypes and Phenotype studies
    • EGA: European Genome-phenome Archive
    • BioQ
    • SANCDB: this is a free, online database containing compounds isolated from the plant and marine life in and around South Africa.

    Online information sources

    • SEQanswers: a discussion forum and information source for next generation sequencing
    • SBS: Swedish Bioinformatics Support
    • BioStar: a StackExchange based question/answer site for bioinformatics
    • Rosalind: Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics through problem solving.
    • ML_Directory: This is a document that provides a list of tools, platforms and packages related to machine learning
    • ML_Terms: This is a website that provide information about machine learning terms glossary within the H3ABioNet
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