H3ABioNet provides guidelines on data management and governance

    Data Management

    Genomic data are increasing in size and complexity, and data privacy and security are criticial for human data. Therefore it is important to ensure data are managed in an organized, secure and ethical manner. H3ABioNet provides guidance to its members on data management and governance.
    Data Management Plans
    A data management plan is a document which outlines how data will be managed in terms of storage, access, use and dissemination. A number of data management plans have been developed, some of which are specific to funding agencies.

    H3ABioNet supports the development of Data Management Plans in many different areas, one of which is for clinical data collection.  We recommend this resource developed by the Society for Clinical Data Management who have published a document called the Good Clinical Data Management Plan.
    For a general online data management tool try DMP online.
    Another useful resource is the "10 simple rules for creating a good data management plan" paper.
    Data Governance
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