Building & Empowering African Bioinformatics

    Computing Infrastructure

    H3ABioNet has several initiatives to further the aim of increasing bioinformatics research capacity on the African continent by providing access to computing infrastructure for data transfer, storage and processing.


    Data transfers
    Transferring the large datasets typical in current genomics research poses its own challenges in the African context. Network speeds, reliability, costs and even latency are challenging. 

    Globus Online

    For transfers between larger institutions we use Globus online, and have set up almost 20 Globus Endpoints across H3ABioNet.


    Often the network speeds to the final destination is not as performant as to the institution's edge. To test network speed between the infrastructure of our nodes, and monitor improvement we have a project called Netmap, that captures TCP throughput between nodes. 

    Physical transfers

    Sometimes transfers of data is still most efficient via Sneakernet (using portable hard drives). Our biggest single transfer so far was of 140TB. If you need assistance with a data transfer open a ticket on the helpdesk.

    Node hardware
    High Performance Computing in Africa
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