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    Regular events

    In order to foster a sense of community and to connect our members across the continent, H3ABioNet regularly hosts both webinars as well as a REDCap working group. These groups are open for anyone to join and contribute. More information about these groups as well as how to join can be found below.


    The H3ABioNet bioinformatics webinar series  provides a forum to present and showcase ongoing projects of H3ABioNet consortium members working within the broad area of bioinformatics and computational genomics and their applications to various aspects of genomic medicine.


    Through broad participation and knowledge-sharing, the webinar series fosters the exchange of ideas and the building of new collaborations across multiple disciplines within and outside Africa.

    When and where does this group meet?

    Every third Wednesday of the month at 3 PM CAT.

    Adobe Connect HB3ABIONET meeting room: 

    Seminar Date: Wednesdays 
    Seminar time: 1pm UTC / 2pm WAT / 3pm CAT / 4pm EAT

    URL to join the seminarhttp://meeting.uct.ac.za/h3abionet-webinars/



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