Providing guidelines on how to install, configure, secure, monitor and manage server hardware

    Technical Guidelines

    The system administrator taskforce has developed a series of howto documents to assist H3ABioNet system administrators with installing, configuring and securing, monitoring and managing their server hardware.

    The howto documentation has been developed to be usable by both non-IT individuals and those just new to Linux by providing detailed text based step by step instructions supported by images where possible. These howto’s have been divided into three levels: level1, level 2 and level 3.

    Level 1 How to install a Linux Operating System

    Level 1
    The level one documentation focuses on helping you get started with installing a Linux operating system on your server, the howto covers the below subjects:

    • Howto setup and configure a hardware and software RAID
    • Howto install a Linux operating system
    • Howto navigate a Linux system via the command line
    • Howto edit files via the command line
    • Howto setup file sharing
    • Howto schedule redundant tasks via cron
    • Provide a list of useful commands
    Linux Getting started HowTo guide
    Level 2 How to configure a Linux Operating System
    Level 3 How to Docker containerisation
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