The H3ABioNet recently co-organised a Scientific Communication Workshop from the 26th to the 27th of April 2021.
    The links below are the video recordings and resources that were used for the two days.

    Day 1 of Workshop:

    Day 2 of Workshop:



    1. Writing an effective abstract: Abstract document
    2. Communicating science exercise: Exercise document
    3. How to write good research manuscript: Manuscript document
    4. From trainee to tenure-track: Ten tips document
    5. How to give a “good” oral presentation: Oral presentation guidelines
    6. How to read, summarize, and critique a research article: Article critique document
    7. Opportunities for After Your Studies: Identifying Transferable Skills
    8. Personal Development Transferable Skills Profile and Action Plan: Transferable Skills Profile
    9. Transferable skills for a competitive edge: Transferable skills document

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