Course Overview
Next generation sequencing (NGS) has become an essential tool in genetic and genomic analysis. It is increasingly important for experimental scientists to gain the bioinformatics skills required to analyse the large volumes of data produced by next generation sequencers. This course will equip participants with the essential informatics skills required to begin analysing NGS data and apply some of the most commonly used tools and resources for sequence data analysis. The programme will cover prominent sequencing technologies, algorithmic theory and principles of bioinformatics, with a strong focus on practical computational sessions using sequence analysis techniques and tools applicable to any species or genome size. A variety of applications will be covered from post-sequencing analysis - QC, alignment, assembly, variant calling and RNA-Seq. This course will apply a blended learning format consisting of locally coordinated classrooms referred to as “remote classrooms”. Click here for more information. Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local classrooms will run virtually, using Zoom and downloadable virtual machines.
Intended Audience
Applicants should be postdoctoral scientists, senior PhD students, junior faculty members or clinicians/healthcare professionals actively engaged in or soon to commence research involving next generation sequencing data analysis. Priority will be given to applicants who 1) currently or will soon have NGS experimental data to analyse 2) will utilise the bioinformatics techniques taught in at least two of the modules/topic areas listed in the programme outline in their experiments 3) have a clear plan/opportunity to disseminate the knowledge amongst their peers. We encourage applicants to highlight these areas in their application.
Keywords: Next Generation Sequencing, Sequence Analysis
Skill level of training: Advanced
Language: English
Credential awarded: Letter of completion/attendance
Type of training: Online
Venue of the course: Virtual
Dates for the course: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Course organisers: WGC ACSC and H3Abionet
Course Sponsors: Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses & Scientific Conferences - H3Abionet
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