H3ABioNet provides guidance on phenotype data collection using REDCap

    REDCap Africa Monthly Calls

    In conjunction with University of Witswaterand, we have initiated a monthly REDCap Africa community online call for all REDCap users and administrators in Africa.  Initially focusing on usage in genomics research studies mainly for phenotype data collection but we are open to suggestions and the needs of the general REDCap Africa community.

    H3ABioNet will be supporting the use of REDCap for clinical/phenotype data collection by the H3Africa Consortium studies.  This is due to REDCap’s ease of setup and use, the need to standardise data collection methods where possible in our consortium, no charge and the rapidly expanding use of REDCap internationally.  We have some long-standing REDCap users but a greater number of “newbies” and we have received eager, positive feedback when suggesting this forum for the sharing of ideas and solutions in REDCap use and application in the genomics research field. In conjunction with REDCap Africa running from Wits University we are hoping to build the REDCap community in Africa to share ideas, provide support for each other and enhance the way we use REDCap.

    Every last Wednesday of the month at 12:00-13:00 GMT (14:00-15:00 CAT).
    Next call happening on 25th November 2020.

    Join the online Zoom call by subscribing to the REDCap Africa mailing list:  https://lists.h3abionet.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/redcapafrica


    REDCap Call Materials available:

    28th November 2018 call - REDCap Resources

    30th January 2019 call - Basic Steps and Requirements for setting up REDCap
    27th February 2019 call - Planning your REDCap Project
    27th March 2019 (cancelled due to REDCap Africa Day concurrence)
    24th April 2019 call - REDCap Mobile App Recommendations
    29th May 2019 - Amazon Web Services Presentation REDCap Quick Deploy
    26th June 2019 - Building a Survey and Exporting Data
    31st July 2019 - Alerts and Triggers
    28th August 2019 - Variable Naming and Coding Systems
    24th October 2019 - Upcoming!  Feedback from REDCapCon 2019 Vancouver
    27th November 2019 - Creative uses of REDCap

    26th February 2020 - eConsent Framework
    Skipped March and April as all in COVID-19 lockdown shock!
    20th May 2020 - Shazam
    24th June 2020 - Field Embedding in REDCap Version 10+
    29th July 2020 - COVID-19 module planning and setup
    26th August 2020 - Setting up and Scheduling Surveys, COVID-19 module update
    23rd October 2020 - Multi-language options and CRF design
    25th November 2020 - Standardised TB research database template demo

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