H3ABioNet provides guidelines on data management and governance

    Data Management Plans

    A data management plan is a document which outlines how data will be managed in terms of storage, access, use and dissemination. A number of data management plans have been developed, some of which are specific to funding agencies. 

    H3ABioNet supports the development of Data Management Plans in many different areas, one of which is for clinical data collection.  We recommend this resource developed by the Society for Clinical Data Management who have published a document called the Good Clinical Data Management Plan.

    Data Management Plan (DMP) Tools and Resources

    DMP Tools

    • Elements of a Data Management Plan: Link
    • Checklist for a Data Management Plan: Link
    • The Digital Curation Centre (DCC): Link
    • Framework for Creating a Data Management Plan: Link
    • DMPonline: Link
    • Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving: Although, for social science, it includes basic concepts of RDM/DMPLink
    DMP Training Resources
    • Research Data Management & DMP: Link
    • 10 medical and health research data Things. “10 medical and health research data Things” is an opportunity to explore issues surrounding management of research data, specifically for people working with medical, clinical and health data. Link
    • How to write a good DMP. Good data management enables data sharing, thereby creating an opportunity for other researchers to re-use data in new research contexts after the original project has ended.
    • Society for Clinical Data Management: Link
    • The University of Edinburgh Research Data Management Training (MANTRA): Link
    • New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum: Link
    • Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse: Link
    • Data Management Adventure Game: Link

    Additional Links
    • Best practice for developing a Data Management Plan: H3ABioNet DMP Poster presented at the 13th H3Africa Consortium Meeting, 8-12 April 2019, Tunis, Tunisia. Link
    • 10 Simple Rules for Creating a Good DMP: Link
    • 10 principles for machine actionable DMPs (maDMPs): Link
    • The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. Link
    • UCT Digital Libraries: Link
    • University of Cambridge Data Management Guide: Link

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