Introductory Python based Software Carpentry_2018

    Venue of workshop: University of Cape Town – venue (TBA)

    Dates for the workshop: 30th October – 31st October 2018: Face to face practical workshop (bring your own laptop)

    Workshop organisers: Ziyaad Parker, Suresh Maslamoney, Sumir Panji, Nicola Mulder

    Application opens: 26th September 2018

    Application for the workshop closes: 11th October 2018

    Notification or acceptance date for the workshop: 12th October 2018

    Link to application form:

    Course Overview Participation: The workshop is open to anybody who is interested in learning the Introduction to Python programming using the
    principles of Software Carpentry.

    Workshop Sponsor: UCT Computational Biology Division (CBIO) and H3ABioNet

    Intended Audience: Students and Staff who would like to learn more about the basics of Python programming.

    Tools: Python, Jypter Notebook, GitHub, Git, Numpy, Pandas, Linux/Mac/Windows

    Objectives: After this workshop participants should:

    • Be familiar Git and GitHub as well as using it
    • Be familiar with Jupyter Notebook
    • Be familiar with Python and executing scripts
    • Understand the different Python packages
    • Be familiar with steps and procedures involved in working with Python

    Workshop limitations: The workshop is set for two days. This course will teach the foundations of Python programming Linux and Git.

    Prerequisites: The participants must have their own laptop and install software below before the workshop:

    • Python 3
    • Numpy and Pandas Python package,
    • Git
    • Jupyter Notebook

    Without the above installed participants will not be able to complete the course. Follow these instructions on this link to install:

    Contact Person:


    Link to course website: 

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