Course Overview/description: The use of repositories and version control tools such as GitHub and Git for hosting, pulling, installing and collaborative development of code and software in bioinformatics is now commonplace. The “Introduction to Git and Github” course will provide an overview of version control, creating a GitHub account and how to use Git for version control and collaboratively work in code repositories hosted on GitHub.

Keywords: Version control, Git, GitHub, software, code

Skill level of training: Beginner

Language: English

Credential awarded: None

Type of training: Online training

Venue of workshop: Virtual

Dates for the workshop: 30th November 2020 – 10am CAT

Workshop organisers: Jon Ambler, Shaun Aron, Christopher Fields, Gerrit Botha, Suresh Maslamoney, Yasmina Jaufeerally Fakim, Shakuntala Baichoo, Itunuoluwa Isewon, Scott Hazelhurst, Sumir Panji, Nicky Mulder

Registration opens: 24th November 2020

Registration closes: 27th November 2020 at 10 pm CAT

Notification date: 29th November 2020

Link to application form:

Workshop Sponsors: CIDRI-Africa and H3ABioNet

Intended Audience: Persons wishing to get familiar with and use Git and GitHub. Reference Graph and Containerization Hackathon participants needing to gain familiarity with Git and GitHub.

Licensing for course materials: Creative Commons


Learning objectives/outcomes: After this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Define version control and its importance
  • Gain familiarity with git commands and functions
  • Commit code to a GitHub repository
  • Pull code from a GitHub repository
  • Tracking changes and versions using git
  • Use Git for collaborative projects

Workshop limitations: This workshop will only provide a foundation for continued learning in using version control and tools such as Git and GitHub.

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