Course Overview
This workshop provides an overview on medical population genetics, PLINK and basic statistics and practicals in order to build a foundational knowledgebase for genome wide association testing. The workshop will consist of a series of theory lectures and a “hands on” practical lab session at the end.
Intended Audience
This workshop is aimed at H3Africa project members who will be involved in the design and analyses of population data and genome wide association testing and will be able to attend from the West African region within a virtual environment.
Keywords: Genetics, Genomics, Nucleic acids analysis, GWAS
Skill level of training: Beginner
Language: English
Credential awarded: No credential awarded
Type of training: Face-to-face
Venue of the course: ICT Building, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria
Dates for the course: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 CAT to 14:30 CAT
Course organisers: Covenant University Bioinformatics Research Unit
Participation: Successful applicants will be contacted on how to participate.
Course Sponsors: Covenant University Bioinformatics Research Unit
Course objectives

After this workshop participants should be able to:
- Conduct genotype calling and association testing
- Conduct population structure and correct for population structure 
- Have a good familiarity with PLINK and conducting whole genome data analysis within PLINK
- Have a good background on the theory behind medical population genetics
- Be able to conduct a variety of population genetics statistical tests


Classroom applications

Registration for classrooms opens: Thu, 01/01/1970
Registration for classrooms closes: Thu, 01/01/1970
Link to classroom application form:
Notification date for successful classrooms: Thu, 01/01/1970
Maximum number of participants that may be accepted per classroom will be capped at

Participant applications

Registration for participants opens: Thu, 01/01/1970
Registration for participants closes: Thu, 01/01/1970
Participant registration link:
Syllabus and Tools

Participants will learn about PLINK, Quality Control and association testing.


Participants are encouraged to work through the following resources to enable them to gain the most from the workshop:

Course limitations
This workshop will only provide a foundation for continued learning in GWAS study design and medical population genetics and will not make you an expert in medical population genetics and genome wide association testing and studies.
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Training material availability

Training Materials Availability:

Training materials for this course are available as a single downloadable archive here: Should you re-use any of these materials, please ensure that both the author/s of the material AND H3ABioNet are clearly credited.