Pan African Bioinformatics Network for H3Africa

MSc/PhD in sardine genomics/bioinformatics

  • NRF funding for a 3-year project that will use genomic data to explore stock structure in South African sardines.
  • We are now looking for a suitable MSc or (preferably) PhD student. Instead of the usual approach of employing a geneticist and having a bioinformaticist help with the data analysis, we are instead considering employing a bioinformaticist and teaching her/him the limited amount of genetic methods that will be required for the project.
  • The student should have experience working in a Unix/Linux environment, and should preferably also have some experience analysing genomic/transcriptomic data.
  • Genetic laboratory skills are not required.
  • Remuneration is R60 000 per year. 
  • Contact Peter Teske ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for more information.