Pan African Bioinformatics Network for H3Africa

H3ABioNet January 2016 Seminar

The Seminar co-ordinating team on behalf of the H3ABioNet Research Working cordially invite you to join us for the first H3ABioNet seminar for 2016.

Seminar Date: Friday 22nd January 2016

Seminar time: 1pm UTC / 2pm WAT / 3pm CAT / 4pm EAT

URL to join the seminar:https://mconf.sanren.ac.za/webconf/h3abionet_seminars

Seminar Format: The inaugural H3ABioNet seminar for 2016 will consist of two informational sessions talks that focus planning one’s career within bioinformatics followed by a question and answer session. We are fortunate to have Prof. Nicola Mulder and Prof. Winston Hide who have extensive experience in setting up bioinformatics laboratories within Africa who will provide each talk and answer questions from attendees. The talks have been adapted from a similar session provided at the 2015 ISMB COSI sessions. More information on the talks and presenters can be found in the abstract below.

How to plan your career but also be aware of your opportunities.

Presented By: Professor Nicola Mulder, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, UCT Faculty of Health Sciences, South Africa and Professor Winston Hide, Department of Neuroscience Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience, University of Sheffield.

Many people - across the entire career spectrum, from students to PIs - are uncertain about the future and what they want to do next. Some are happy simply to take the next opportunity that comes their way; others like to plan. But even those who know what they want to do may find that their plans don’t always work out - the circumstances of life often get in the way, changing the course of their careers (the best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray!). This session will feature talks from a diverse group of successful bioinformatics individuals, who will illustrate how much of their journey was planned versus how much was the work of serendipity, and will suggest elements of the journey over which you can take some measure of control. Planning tips also include topics such as “How does one learn the best way to teach?”, “How does one learn the way to manage budget, staff, a lab, etc?”, etc."